Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny chat with HP printer support specialist.

Juan Carlos, the IT person in my office sent this chat to me.
Juan Carlos : Need to change the default settings for the printer so that I don't have to go into the printer properties every time I need to print from firefox... ie orientation, page size... I already have a preset saved
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Aamir .]
Aamir : Welcome to HP Total Care Chat Support for Imaging & Printing Group. My name is Aamir . Please give me a few moments while I review your problem description details.
Juan Carlos : ok
Aamir : Juan please tell me that is the printer printing in other applications?
Aamir : Is it printing in MS Word or Internet Explorer ?
Juan Carlos : it's firefox
Juan Carlos : sorry
Juan Carlos : it does print on all applications
Juan Carlos : but when I need it to print in landscape always without me having to go into the printer properties everytime
Aamir : Are you facing similar difficulty is other applications ?
Juan Carlos : same ones
Aamir : ok
Aamir : Do you mean to say that when you try to print through MS Word, you have to go to printer properties to give print command.
Aamir : When was the last time it was working fine?
Did you change anything on the machine recently?

Aamir : Have you recently installed any software or made any hardware changes on your machine?
Juan Carlos : I need to print everything I have in landscape orientation instead of portrait
Juan Carlos : that's it
Juan Carlos : and everytime I need to print I have to go into the printer properties and change it to landscape manually, I want to change it to be the default setting and I'm unable to save it as such
Aamir : Juan which Operating system are you using ?
Aamir : Is it Windows Vista ?
Juan Carlos : yes
Aamir : Juan I apologize that this issue would be resolved by landscape technical support department and it does not come under HP
Aamir : It is advised to contact lanscape support and they are in the better position to assist you regarding this issue.
Juan Carlos : what do you mean?
Juan Carlos : there's a landscape tech support department, just to change the orientation of the page?
Juan Carlos : are you there?
Aamir : yes
Aamir : You may experience a lag in response while your interaction, due TO server maintenance. The inconvenience caused to you is deeply regretted
Juan Carlos : do you know what landscape and portrait orientation is in regards to printing?
Juan Carlos : portrait orientation would be 8.5in x 11in
Juan Carlos : landscape is 11in x 8.5in
Aamir : Juan I am going to connect you with lanscape , give me a minute
Aamir : I am working on it
Juan Carlos : wow
Aamir : Juan click Start
Aamir : Printers and Faxes
Aamir : Right click on Printer Icon
Aamir : Click on Properties
Juan Carlos : hold on
Aamir : Sorry not properties
Aamir : Printing Preferences
Aamir : Click on landscape and then click on Apply
Juan Carlos : did that
Aamir : now Landscape is default setting
Aamir : Please check and confirm
Juan Carlos : checking
Aamir : ok'
Juan Carlos : that did it
Juan Carlos : thank you Aamir
Aamir : is it ok now ?
Juan Carlos : yes
Aamir : Juan I apoligise for my confusion that I had in between .
Aamir : However if you ever need our services plese fell free to contact us through phone, chat or email
Aamir : Thank you for contacting HP Total care and giving us an opportunity to serve you. It has been a pleasure assisting you today.
Aamir : Juan are you still online with me ?
Aamir : Please let me know, if you are receiving my responses?
Aamir : Not to rush you, are you still online with me?
Aamir : I have not received a response from you in over a minute. Please reply within the next minute to allow me to continue our chat.
Aamir : Since I am not receiving any response from you within the last 1 minute, I will be ending this session. Thank you for visiting HP CHAT Technical Support.